Annual Sale

The gallery contains a selection of the traditional and contemporary oil paintings, watercolours and pastels in our annual sale. Please click on the thumbnail image to view a larger illustration.

Pictures are listed alphabetically by artist`s surname.

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Click to Enlarge Mabel Amber KINGWELL (1890 - 1924)
Summer Foal
Watercolour. Signed and dated 1923.
6¾” x 13¾” (17.2 cm x 34.9 cm)

Click to Enlarge William LEE-HANKEY, RWS RI ROI RBA RMS RE (1869 - 1952)
Watercolour. Signed.
10½” x 14½” (26.7 cm x 36.8 cm)

Click to Enlarge Thomas James LLOYD, RWS ROI (1849 - 1910)
Home by Moonlight
Watercolour. Signed.
18¼” x 44¼” (46.4 x 112.4 cm)

Click to Enlarge W. Stuart LLOYD, RBA (flourished 1875 - 1926)
Richmond Castle, 1902
Watercolour. Signed.
11½” x 35½” (29.2 cm x 90.2 cm)

Click to Enlarge Thomas LUNY (1759 - 1837)
Royal Navy Warships of the Red Squadron at Anchor
Oil on canvas. Signed and dated 1824.
Provenance: Private collections, USA and Ireland. Labels verso.
14¼” x 19½” (36.2 cm x 49.5 cm)

Click to Enlarge Thomas LUNY (1759 - 1837)
The Den, Teignmouth and The Ness, 1835
Oil on canvas. Signed and dated 1835.
Inscribed on an original label verso: "The Den, Teignmouth by Thos. Luny 1835. Painted for Adml. Tobin, 3 Den Crescent". The eminent maritime painter Thomas Luny was born in Cornwall in 1759. He spent much of his early life in London, where he became a pupil of Francis Holman. Luny learned the importance of meticulous detail in his work and at the age of 18 was already exhibiting at The Society of Artists, attracting many patrons for his paintings. Around 1807, he moved to Devon and settled at Teignmouth, a fashionable resort of some note in Georgian times. Luny exhibited regularly at The Royal Academy and is recognised as one of Britain’s most celebrated marine artists, renowned for his coastal scenes and epic depictions of Naval battles. This highly desirable oil on canvas is a rare view of the town of Teignmouth itself, a snapshot of The Den and The Ness at Shaldon during the reign of William IV.
15” x 20” (38.1 cm x 50.8 cm)

Click to Enlarge Thomas LUNY (1759 - 1837)
Hauling in the Nets, Teignmouth
Oil on panel. Signed and dated 1829.
11½” x 15¾” (29.2 cm x 40 cm)

Click to Enlarge Charles Rennie MACKINTOSH (1868 - 1928)
Art Nouveau Design
Framed exhibition poster (detail)
Celebrating the exhibitions of Mackintosh’s works at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Art Institute of Chicago and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1996 - 1997.
21½” x 38” (54.6 cm x 96.5 cm)

Click to Enlarge Claude MARKS (fl. 1899 - 1915)
Watercolour. Signed.
20½” x 14½” (52.2 cm x 36.8 cm)

Click to Enlarge Garman MORRIS (flourished 1900 - 1930)
Becalmed off St. Michael’s Mount
Watercolour. Signed.
16” x 34¾” (40.6 cm x 88.3 cm)

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